Automobile & Truck Injury

Rick Dane Moore & Associates have represented literally hundreds of motor vehicle accident victims over twenty-five years of practicing law. With ten years of military training in medicine as an Army Special Forces medic, Rick Moore understands trauma and how to prove it better than most.

We know full well the extent to which injuries suffered in an accident can derail your future. The law affords you remedies to put you back in as good a shape as possible considering the circumstances.

What to do:

First, you should get together any medical records or medical billings concerning the accident, and a police accident report if one is available.

Also, a copy of your auto insurance policy will be helpful in identifying coverage and benefits.

You should also write a detailed narrative explaining in your own words how the accident happened and how it has affected your health and your daily activities. You should include any missed days of work for treatment, along with a list of things you are unable to do now that you could do before the accident.

With your written account of the injuries and trauma you have suffered, as well as the police report and other information, we will be able to begin working with you to get the insurance companies and whoever is at fault to compensate you for what happened. We can meet at a time and place convenient for you and will explain the law to you in detail to help you decide how to proceed and what a fair amount of payment for your injuries would be. We will work with you to get your life back on track.