Business Disputes

Rick Moore has been involved in disputes involving business entities and partners for more than twenty-five years. He has started up and wound down a number of companies, and knows more about business and the law relating to business associations than many of his opponents.

In many cases, a business is made up of two kinds of partners: one kind of partner has the idea for the business and comes up with a plan, while another person comes up with the money and finances the operation. What may happen is that eventually the person who put up the money feels that they are entitled to more than their share of the business. Once he or she figures out how to run the business alone, the financing partner may want to cut out the other partner.

We have seen many cases that start out this way, where people who contributed money to starting businesses attempt to take over and keep all the money that the business makes. The law is otherwise, and is designed to protect every contribution to the business, including non-monetary contributions. A person in this situation needs an attorney with expertise in business, who knows how to assert and protect his or her rights as a partner and contributor.

We will start by collecting all your business documents that shed light on the nature of your business association. Tax returns, checking accounts, articles of organization, correspondence and e-mails are merely a few of the sources that will prove the nature of your interest in your company.

Once we figure out what your interest in the company is, we will decide on a strategy that will get you the best compensation for your contribution to the business. All corporations have the duty to account to their shareholders, and the same duty applies to other types of business as well.

Sometimes temporary restraining orders can be obtained to stop your partners from continuing with their actions, and almost always a lawsuit is required to recover for damages. This is one of Rick Moore’s favorite areas of trial practice, and he knows what to do to be sure that you get fair compensation for your efforts toward building your business.