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The city of Lawton is located in the southwestern portion of the state of Oklahoma, and is the county seat of Comanche County.

Situated roughly 80 miles outside of Oklahoma City, Lawton is the main community in the Lawton Metropolitan Statistical Area. The community has strong Native American influences, and is built on former reservation lands belonging to the Apache, Comanche and Kiowa Indians, and derives it’s name from Henry Ware Lawton, a Major General who received the Medal of Honor during the Civil War, but was later killed in the Philippine-American War.

Originally settled in the summer of 1901, Lawton has grown significantly from its early days, today measuring approximately 81 square miles in size. The city is also home to an estimated 97,150 people, making it the fifth largest city in the state of Oklahoma.

Lawton serves as a transit hub for the southwestern region of the state, and is served by three major highways and Interstate 44. The city is also famous for many notable and literary artists, as well as professional athletes, who have called Lawton home over the course of their lives, including Joan Crawford, Will Shields, and Charles Thompson.

Lawton might not be the largest city in the state of Oklahoma, but it does boast a diverse population and workforce, many who could experience contractual disputes over the course of their lives or careers.

Breach of Contract in Lawton

Many aspects of life and business today involve some sort of agreement, or contract, which outlines what they can or cannot do. Occasionally, disputes arise over the terms of the contract, or one or more parties fail to honor the agreement, resulting in what is known as a ‘breach of contract’.

Not all contracts are paper documents that are signed or witnessed by a notary. In fact, a contract can take many forms, including written correspondence between parties, writing a check or making a credit card transaction. While oral contracts are a bit more difficult to argue as valid, there have been cases in the past where a lawsuit has been filed and damages recovered over a verbal agreement. Oftentimes, these types of cases involve a client and a vendor or service provider, and typically involve some sort of long-standing relationship.

If an individual or individuals has been found to be in breach of contract, they could be held responsible for damages, in addition to other court costs or attorney’s fees. Damages are typically determined based on the aggrieved party’s needs or position as a result of the breach.

When a situation arises where monetary damages can’t properly compensate the aggrieved party, a court may rule that the contract must be fulfilled.

In Oklahoma, there are attorneys who specialize in breach of contract cases who can help to understand the many complexities and nuances of this type of law. Consulting with an attorney, while recommended, is not always necessary in these cases, as some can be resolved quickly and out of court.

The attorneys at Rick Dane Moore and Associates can help you determine the best course of action if you believe you are experiencing a breach of contract situation.

Our team of contract experts can walk through your case and recommend a series of options based on the law and your agreement, and will pursue damages and a settlement vigorously, should litigation be required.

No matter what the situation, our legal team can help to resolve your breach of contract issue quickly, all while providing the emotional support and sound legal advice that you deserve.

To schedule a consultation with one of our breach of contract attorneys, we welcome your call today at (405) 366-0373.

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