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Cleveland County, Oklahoma is home to the city of Moore, one of many communities in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area.

Situated between Oklahoma City and Norman in central Oklahoma, Moore is known throughout the region for being the site of several devastating tornadoes, and sustained significant damage during the 1999 and 2013 tornadoes, both of which garnered national attention.

The city of Moore covers more than 22 square miles, and is home to approximately 55,000 people. The city was originally founded around 1889, when people flocked to the area by train, wagon, horseback, or even on foot. However, the city was not officially incorporated in 1893. Moore’s growth in the 1970s and into today has been largely attributed to its proximity to the state’s capital, as well as the University of Oklahoma, which borders Moore to the south.

Many communities across the country are overseen by various organizational body, including a Home Owners Association (HOA), that works to sustain orderly development in a particular residential area.

Home Owners Association (HOA) Disputes in Moore

When you purchase a home in an area that is part of an HOA, you are required to join the association. Typically, a real estate agent will disclose HOA policies to prospective buyers, since HOA parameters restrict usage of the property. It is important to remember that, with HOA policies, homeowners do not have autonomous use of the property.

Many different kinds of residential properties have HOAs. They are not limited to individual homes – HOAs can oversee housing developments or multifamily properties, and often involve some sort of community property as part of the agreement, such as swimming pools or a clubhouse. Additionally, individuals leasing property that is governed by an HOA agreement must be aware of the components of said agreement, since they will experience the same limitations of the property.

While HOAs offer many benefits to residents, disputes do arise between homeowners and their respective HOAs. In these types of situations, enlisting the help of a business attorney can be extremely valuable.

An attorney that specializes in HOA disputes can assist with the many facets of the legal proceedings, including analyzing relevant documents, explaining the terms of the HOA agreement and drafting amendments to previous restrictions.

In Oklahoma, our business attorneys at Rick Dane Moore and Associates have experience working on behalf of both developers and homeowners to resolve HOA disputes. Our teaming approach provides our clients with the comfort of hands-on legal counsel, and all of our attorneys are well versed in the nuances of HOA agreements and business law. No matter what the situation, we have the knowledge and experience to deal with your HOA issues at any level.

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