Business Disputes Lawyer in Norman, OK

What is a business dispute?

A business dispute can happen in various ways. In our practice, we have encountered business disputes involving different business structures such as Limited Liability Companies (LLC), Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP), Partnerships, Trusts, Corporations, Franchises, and Agencies. Whatever the formal legal structure, in many cases a business is made up of two kinds of partners: one has the idea for the business and comes up with a plan, while the other comes up with the money and finances the operation. What may happen is that eventually the person who put up the money feels that he or she is entitled to more than the agreed-upon share of the business. Once the financing partner figures out how to run the business without the other partner, he or she may want to cut out the other partner. The business association or relationship may vary, but the approach in litigation is much the same: protect your interest in the business as investor or stakeholder and obtain a dissolution, take-over, or liquidation of the company assets.

Why would I need an attorney?

We have seen many cases that start out with the other partner or partners being pushed out. They literally lock the doors and shut out their partners or shareholder managers. Whether the contribution is “sweat equity” or other valuable contribution of time or resources, some people who have contributed money to starting businesses often think that they can just take over everything and keep all the money that the business makes. The law is otherwise, and is designed to protect every contribution to the business. A person in this situation needs an attorney with expertise in business, who knows how to assert and protect their rights as a partner and contributor.

What experience does your firm have with business disputes?

Our firm has started up and shut down a number of companies and has been quite successful in this kind of litigation. We know more about business and the law relating to business associations than most of our opponents. For over thirty years collectively we have been involved in disputes involving business entities and partners.

How will your firm help me?

We will step in to take your anxieties away. A business dispute between partners is much like a divorce. We will start by collecting all your business documents, which shed light on the nature of your business association. Tax returns, checking accounts, articles of organization, correspondence and e-mails are merely a few of the sources that will prove the nature of your interest in your company.

Once we figure out what your interest in the company is, we will decide on a strategy that will get you the best compensation for your contribution to the business. All corporations have the duty to account to their shareholders, and the same duty applies to other types of business as well.

Is there something more that can be done before we go to court?

Sometimes temporary restraining orders can be obtained to stop your partners from continuing with their actions, and almost always a lawsuit is required to recover for damages. Our managing partner, Mr. Moore, has decades of experience in business dispute litigation, and we have been handling all kinds of business cases for many years. This is one of our favorite areas of trial practice, and because we have worked dozens of these cases, we know exactly what to do in order to be sure that you get fair compensation for your efforts toward building your business.

Why should I choose your firm?

We have had a great many successes in this area. We get quick results using the devices of receiver appointments and restraining orders. Our fees are reasonable and we will often work with you to structure a pay-out. Most importantly, we bring expertise and experience to you and relieve you of the anxiety and uncertainty surrounding losing your business investment.

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