Covenant Enforcement Lawyer in Norman, OK

What is covenant enforcement?

In many communities, there are certain things that every homeowner must do or must not do in order to maintain the appearance and appeal of the neighborhood. These things are written into the deed of each home or piece of property and are called “covenants.” If someone breaks one of these covenants, it can cause the neighborhood to lose its value and appeal, and can be a burden on other homeowners in the neighborhood. There are many ways to obtain relief if this happens.

What happens if it is broken?

Often, if a person breaks a covenant, the community nuisance case involves getting an injunctive remedy from a court, which orders the person to stop breaking the covenant on their property. This requires that you retain a trial lawyer.

What experience does your firm have with covenant enforcements?

Mr. Moore has over twenty-five years of litigation experience, and has litigated these kinds of cases many times with success in most every instance. He has represented the developers, community stakeholders, residence owners, and the malefactors in over a dozen cases of this nature. He is familiar with your jurisdiction and regularly practices in most counties in Oklahoma.

What do I do next? And what would our plan be?

After you decide to retain our firm, we will come to your neighborhood and closely review the facts of the case. We will need to look at copies of the covenants in your deed, and perhaps the deeds of surrounding properties. Then, we will research the relevant law and work with you to formulate a strategy for success.

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