Forcible Entry and Detainer Lawyer in Norman, OK

Landlord and tenant disputes? No problem.

There are two primary ways to get someone off of your real property. One is a forcible entry and detainer action, which involves landlord and tenant. The other is an action in ejectment, which involves title to real estate.

Oral agreements are generally not enforceable when trying to convey title to real estate. Contracts for real property sales must generally be in writing. This is not a foreclosure action, unless there is a mortgage in writing filed in the county court house where the property is located.

You probably have a tenancy at will, because there is neither a lease nor a sales contract. The statute of frauds requires writing in these kinds of cases.

You must act quickly to get this squatter out or you might convey a prescriptive title by virtue of your delay.

Our firm has over thirty years of civil litigation and has the knowledge and skills necessary to help you through your legal complications.

I know what to do in these kinds of cases and I know how to keep the fees reasonable.