Government Grants Lawyer in Norman, OK

We have years of experience writing grants and it is best to attend a grant workshop if you are serious about getting money for your project. Unless you have a great deal of money, your most practical option will be to do the work yourself. We would be available to help guide you and to do some of the writing, but you must do the majority of the work and handle all the risk. Your idea may not be one that is attractive to a given grant program and you need to internalize the risk of your proposal.

The economic climate is such that there is a great deal of money being spread around in order to effect an economic recovery. This is probably the best time for a grant proposal acceptance since the Great Depression. There are professionals other than lawyers who can be hired to write grants, and who work on an contingency basis so that you don’t pay them unless your proposal is successful.

You should study any RFP (request for proposal) and application guidelines very carefully, and contact others who have been successful, if similar grants have been awarded in other grant cycles. If you decide to retain my office for editing or writing assistance, then we will go over these guidelines with you and ensure that your proposal meets all the guidelines and is as solid as it can be.