Landlord and Tenant Disputes Lawyer in Norman, OK

Landlord and tenant disputes happen frequently and can be a major financial setback. Our firm has over thirty years of experience litigating these cases. Over the years, Rick Dane Moore has also operated several small businesses and is familiar first-hand with lease disputes.

We will begin by completely reviewing the facts of your case and coming up with an action plan. To help with this, you can write down a story, in your own words, of everything that happened. You should also bring a copy of the lease with you, and also any letters, documents, notes, receipts, or checks that you have so that we can read everything and help to explain your situation, the best solution, and the law to you. Then, we will file the needed paperwork and get you the relief you seek.

If you retain us to work with you on your dispute, we will explain the law thoroughly to you so that you can make the best decision to get the outcome you deserve and relief through the court system. we meet with you in a place that is convenient to you, and be available to guide you through every step of resolving your dispute.