Property Law and Trespassing Lawyer in Norman, OK

Our firm has over thirty years of experience litigating property issues. Rick Dane Moore is too a rural landowner with livestock, and has dealt with the same kinds of problems with my neighbors. We recommend that you not confront your trespassing neighbor until it is on your terms. Trespassing onto another person’s property is actionable in court, but it doesn’t always have to go that far. If your neighbor is coming onto your land without permission, there are many steps we can take together to remedy the situation.

You can save a lot of time and best assist us by writing a four to five page narration, detailing the who, what, when, where, why, etc. of your account and bringing it with you the first time we meet. This helps me to understand what has happened from your perspective, and also to figure out how best to handle the situation. We will discuss the relevant law with you, and tell you about different options you have for settling border disputes or keeping neighbors from coming onto your land without permission. Sometimes, a court decision and a restraining order are the only things that will keep a neighbor from coming onto your property, but usually there are other ways to handle these disputes without going into court.

These situations can be difficult to handle, especially when the neighbor involved won’t listen to reason or won’t be deterred by usual means. It is a good idea to not confront the trespasser until speaking to me and coming up with a plan of action to protect your property from damage. Mr. Moore has dealt with issues like this personally as well as on behalf of clients, and am experienced in getting results. We are available to meet at your convenience and figure out how best to handle your particular problem.