Eric Hartling, 2013

“Mr. Moore provided me expert legal assistance and advice to help protect my property against an encroachment trespass from a foreign owned, billion dollar, company. Mr. Moore keenly listened to my objectives and expectations. He provided me a complete and clear explanation of my legal rights and then advised a legal way forward. Overall, I am very pleased with the advice and legal assistance that I have received from Mr. Moore’s and his associate Shanda. I would highly recommend “Rick Dane Moore and Associates” to my friends and family.”

James Watson, 2012

“I am in the military and Rick Moore represented me in a divorce case with minor child. The case spanned over two years because of deployments and the fact that my ex is very difficult to work with. It was a difficult case and lasted longer than I wanted but Rick stayed with me, did all the necessary leg work while I was gone, kept pressure on the opposition, and I ended up getting a better deal than what was originally offered. Overall, superior service in a difficult situation!”

Billy Anderson, 2012

“Rick Dane Moore is excellent, he will fight for what is rightfully yours. I know the previous case active, and a second case coming up, he is on my speed dial. I recommend Rick Dane Moore to all my friends and family.”

Kori Pyle, 2011

“I would very much recommend using Rick Moore & his assistant to anybody that I know that would ever need legal help. Especially if it was a family matter. Rick took my case and in less than a couple of months my situation is basically resolved. Not only were they very professional but, they were quick with results. I am very satisfied. I couldn’t of made a better choice. “

Thomas Niemeyer, 2010

“Mr. Moore’s passion for my case is outstanding. His knowledge and dedication gives me great confidence and I would highly recommend him.”

Carletta Ambrose, 2009

“This individual, Mr. Moore, has an astonishing understanding of my case and I am extremely pleased at the way he responded to my needs.”

Clara Smith, 2009

“He was very informed about cases like mine. Very informative about my case and helped me tremendously. Thank you very much.”